What is that?!

It’s a Starship delivery robot. It delivers groceries and hot food from stores and restaurants around campus to anyone with the Starship Food Delivery App on their mobile device.

How does the service work?

  *   Download the ‘Starship Food Delivery’ App from the App Store onto your mobile device.
  *   In our App you will see the locations on campus where you can order delivery
  *   You drop a pin on a map selecting where you want to receive your delivery
  *   Once you’ve paid, a person at the store packs a robot with your order, and you can track your robot as it travels to you
  *   Once the robot turns up, you get a notification to say it has arrived. You then use your phone to unlock the robot via the app
  *   The robot then travels back towards the store to be cleaned, sanitized and rewarded with a treat

What locations on campus deliver?

 Location  Building
 Einstein Brother's Bagels  Arts and Architecture
 Einstein Brother's Bagels  Haslam
 Dunkin Donuts  Volunteer Hall
 Panda Express  Student Union
 Steak & Shake  Student Union
 Starbucks Student Union 
 Starbucks  Hodges Library
 Twisted Taco  Fred Brown Hall
 Subway   Fred Brown Hall
 Which Wich  Arena
 Rising Roll  Student Union
 Qdoba  Student Union
 Bakery  Rocky Top
 POD Market  Rocky Top
 POD Market  Stokely
 POD Market  Zeanah Engineering

How much does a delivery cost?


What are the benefits of a Starship Delivery?

They’re affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly. They deliver food anywhere around campus in 30 minutes, and there’s also a pick-up option in the app which allows users to skip the line. The robots are also a safe delivery option right now with the pandemic as they help reduce crowding in dining halls and help social distancing.