• National Nutrition Month: Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    Mar 1 8:00 AM
    National Nutrition Month Virtual Scavenger Hunt - stay tuned to our socials for more information!
  • Cheesecake Bar
    Mar 24 1:00 PM
    Are you a fruit with dessert kinda person or are you chocolate on chocolate on caramel on chocolate???
  • Milkshakes
    Mar 28 4:00 PM
    Our milkshakes bring all the students to Rocky Top Bakery!
  • Brownie Parfait Bar
    Mar 31 1:00 PM
    It's the last day of March & Spring Break has already come and gone...so don't worry about the "Spring Break Bod" & indulge in a brownie parfait!
  • Made to Order Quesadillas
    Apr 4 10:30 AM
    Made to Order Quesadillas for lunch and dinner!
  • Nacho Bar
    Apr 5 4:00 PM
    It's nacho business what I put on my nachos!