First Year Freshman Living On-Campus

The University of Tennessee is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive educational experience. The University has determined that for most first year students, on-campus dining has numerous educational, social, and dietary benefits. In recognition of the value of the living-learning experience, The University of Tennessee requires first year students living on-campus to participate in the 7 Day Access Meal Plan.

First year freshman living on-campus do not need to take any action to order their meal plan.  First year freshman living on-campus will automatically be signed up for the 7-Day Access Plan.

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7-Day Access


The 7 Day Access plan provides the most freedom for dining. Eat what you want, when you want. The 7 Day Access plan allows you to make as many visits as you would like to our All-You-Care to eat residential restaurant, or use 3 meals per day at the Southern Kitchen. The 7 Day Access plan comes with $300 Dining Dollars to use at any Volunteer Dining location! This plan also comes with 5 Free Guest Meals. All meal plans cover the entire academic year, Fall and Spring semester.

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