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  • Jan 30 11:00 AM Rocky Top Bakery

    National Croissant Day

    What better way to celebrate National Croissant Day than with fresh Chocolate Croissants! 
  • Feb 2 8:00 AM Stokely Bakery


    Perk up for the day with Cappuccinos!
  • Feb 7 10:30 AM Rocky Top Entree and Saute

    Culinary Grand Tour

    Regional favorites will be the star for this week as we take the Grand Culinary Tour through the USA!
  • Feb 7 3:00 PM Rocky Top Bakery

    DIY Cupcake

    Show your style - and eat it, too, with our DIY Cupcakes!
  • Feb 9 2:00 PM Stokely Dining Hall

    Popcorn Bar

    What goes with popcorn? Allll the toppings!


  • Jun 29

    Wellness Wednesday: Welcome Back to Campus!

    As the new year begins we understand that goals may have not been met, or that we may not have been as productive as we expected during the holidays.
  • Jun 29

    Updates in Vitamin C!

    Vitamin C is an incredibly important compound for healthy skin, immune function, and iron absorption.
  • Jun 28

    Wellness Wednesday: Protein & Fiber

    Protein and fiber are satiating nutrients, they have the amazing ability to keep you feeling full and satisfied.